Today, observing the external structure of the tavern Vecjo Friûl you can easily imagine the ancient origins of this inn even if it is not possible, given the fragmentary documentation, to date with certainty the first building. What we know today is that in the second half of the nineteenth century Mr. Meni Menin built his manor house here to officially open up catering to the first guests way back in 1901.

Since then, various vicissitudes have marked the history of this incredible place: in the second world war it will become the headquarters of the German Army in the area who will get the accommodations for the troops from the granaries and from the rooms above the rooms for the officers. In the following years the restaurant, with its various operations, will mark the life of the town of Rivis di Sedegliano, confirming itself as a fundamental meeting point.

In the last years, the Lizzit family will devote themselves to an extraordinary renovation aimed at combining the roots of tradition with the comforts required by a modern accommodation activity.The result of the long intervention is a jewel that is today praised by anyone who visits this magical place.It is with the same passion that still today, in this tavern with accommodation, we continue to welcome those who are looking for a place where the word “welcome” has a hundred-year history.

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